Moda Operandi Home - Live in London and New York

After examining style experiences in Firenze and Roma, my attention has turned to London and NYC. Because what do Belgravia and Madison Avenue have in common? Moda Operandi, of course.

If you’re not familiar with this glorious e-commerce creation by none other than Mrs. Lauren Santo Domingo, visit their URL - stat. It’s one incredible high fashion oasis built on the premise that stylish shoppers with the means don’t always want to be restricted to designer commercial collections. Many want access to runway pieces that never make into stores. And do you blame them? It’s a fashion lover’s dream.

While this exclusive digital trunk show business model - complete with pre-orders on collections made months in advance - continues to be groundbreaking, Moda has evolved to offer even more. It’s an online editorial destination, a source to discover some of the hottest emerging fashion brands to be found… and now a purveyor of fine home decor.

Though I’ve largely left Instagram, my memories of following @thelsd include once colorful and exceptional Story after another, featuring china the likes of which I’ve never seen. Okay, Versace china on a certain yacht in Miami, not included! So the introduction of Moda Operandi Home does feel like an honest and natural progression.

Moda Operandi Home extends beyond china with candelabras, pillows, speakers and more - from brands including Etro Home, CABANA, Missoni and Frances Palmer. You’ll also discover books on entertaining and design by the likes of Fendi and Valentino.

One especially enthralling Moda exclusive: the La Double J Housewives Collection by JJ Martin (La Double J). The color and print-filled collection delights with re-edition 17th century Tipetti glasses and breathtaking vintage-style tableware, tablecloths and more.

“Our porcelain is special because it is technically extremely difficult to get so many colors on a single plate. I’m very proud of that, along with our peacock green shade that took many rounds to perfect (trust me!).” - JJ Martin to Moda Operandi on the La Double J Housewives Collection

You could shop the pieces on their website, but let’s be real here. It’s a lot more fun to shop offline. Experience these magnificent homewares with several of your senses at Moda Operandi Madison or Moda Operandi Mews. These showrooms are not open to the public, so do note you must book an appointment in advance.

And while we’re on the subject, the in-person style oasis will always be important. Online shopping is quick, easy and opens up a world of options, but you can’t hear the sounds, take in the sights, engage with others and revel in the perfect tactile sensations of fantastic materials and design.

Shopping has always been an experiential activity. And it always will be. Who doesn’t love to shop in their favorite designer’s atelier? Who doesn’t love personalized service and attention? We still revel in getting our makeup done at our favorite beauty shops and having lunch at legendary spots like Harvey Nichols and Bergdorf Goodman. So imagine when one of the world’s most desirable luxury e-commerce shops introduces a presence offline. The result can only be bliss.