Sartorial Crisis or Changing Times?

Times are changing faster than ever. But with the regular onslaught of technology and degree of widespread homogenization due to globalization, where do time-honored traditions come into play? I’ve noticed a phenomenon at weddings and funerals over the past couple of years, primarily among young adults in Gen Y and Gen Z. And I’ve been nothing short of perplexed - even as a member of this generational group. 

Time-honored traditions concerning dress have been tossed aside or much of a generation have missed the memo. Though I’m unable to comment on whether this is happening across all cultures and geographic locations, I can share my own personal observations in the Western World.

On one occasion, I espied coordinated wedding guests sport gothic burgundy lips, sky-high heels and sexy black party dresses. It came off as inappropriate and produced a harsh contrast to an otherwise light and joyous event. If they were dressed for a funeral, at least the hues would have been spot-on. 

On the subject of colors, I’ve witnessed every shade under the sun, including pops of bright, bold and seductive red at the somber funeral services for loved ones. With the exception of antemortem wishes, I do believe black, navy blue- and even solemn grays, are much more suitable and safely connote respect. 

Still, color isn’t the only culprit; fashion comes under scrutiny. I’m a modern, free-spirited Millennial. I don’t believe one should have to look dowdy or frumpy in the event of a funeral. Are you a fashionable person? Dress smart for a funeral… but do proceed with caution.

I’ve witnessed a parade of the most in-your-face logo covered bags and over-the-top designer sunglasses. A funeral isn’t a runway show or fashion competition. Think subtlety, quiet style and discretion.

Are we in the midst of a sartorial crisis or are these just rapidly changing times?