The New Creative Renaissance

Now things are really starting to get interesting. If you’ve never been one to follow the crowd, you must be thrilled with what can only be described as a new creative renaissance- spurred on by the speed, widespread access and expanded opportunities offered by digital and new technologies. 

A Globalized World

We are all connected. Globalization and the internet (especially social media) have connected denizens of this planets in ways never before witnessed in the entire history of humankind. To know what is happening and what is trending in places as scattered as Italy, Singapore, Kenya and New Zealand, you’d only need to turn on your mobile device to scroll a social feed, search hashtags or implement a simple search.

It was one thing to see many of the same brands and styles when we visited showrooms and stores but when we started to get bombarded by one homogenous image after the next each time we’d connect to the net an era of great change was bound to occur. 

Homogenous Merchandising

And so… here we are. That era is now. The world of design has been turned on its head - and to the very best outcome. Designers are responding to bored and jaded shoppers with some of the most creative and diverse options we’ve yet to see in the marketplace. Trends still exist, however, the greatest movement of all is that of the non-trend. To each his own… a celebration of individuality…  and wanting to stand apart from the crowd. 

At the risk of appearing to be Gucci’s greatest fan, I must once again refer to the groundbreaking changes at the luxury fashion (and now furniture and homewares) house. Creative director Alessandro Michele cultivated the cult of Gucci from his very first season with the brand and most of us are happily following along. Why? The house’s design aesthetic has shifted to celebrate kooky individuals with a flair for magpie and bohemian style. Just about anyone can find at least a few pieces that speak to their tastes and the overwhelmingly majority of pieces are unmistakably Gucci with bold, colorful and experimental design motifs expressed through luxurious craftsmanship and materials. They’re wonderful for mixing and matching (yet another way to stand out from the crowd) and they look as equally stunning mixed with other designer creations or vintage or high street finds. What’s more, the looks offer timeless appeal, opening up even more opportunities for creative personal styling and ensuring you won’t meet your “twin” in your head-to-toe look. 

I suspect we primarily have Instagram to thank for the mass exodus towards looking distinctly like ourselves. Now established designers are differentiating their offerings accordingly and we’re discovering all sorts of alluring and inventive designs from a new generation of emerging brands like Cult Gaia, Sophie Buhai and Stella Jean.  

Content is everywhere and images and video have saturated our screens. Yes, the only vaccination for boredom is fearless and exhilarating design. 

We are indeed living in exciting times. This is likely only the beginning of a newfound respect and appreciation for all things creative. The seeds have been planted for the flourishing of design - in every sphere.