Fur Is Finally History for a Growing Number of Luxury Brands

Some of the biggest names are fashion are saying no to fur. They said it would never happen, but what it means for fashion to be luxurious is quickly transforming every day. Add it to the list of new forays into sustainability and transparency- luxury fashion is adopting new morals and a new point of view.

As someone who made the personal decision to give up fur last year, this new wave in fashion history hits close to home. With the exception of humans living in the coldest and most remote regions of our planet, it's a staggering challenge to justify the donning of furs for style.

Who are the most notable anti-fur converts to date? Armani announced they would move on from fur in 2016 and just this month, none other than YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP has announced a similar move.

With some of the most prestigious names in luxury fashion leading the charge, it's inevitable others will follow suit. But the question is how long will it take for brands closely identified with the textiles to perform the inevitable about face? Brands like Dennis Basso and Fendi, for instance. 

We can thank the internet for the ever-growing dissemination of information and the growing consciousness of consumer bases worldwide. If not for morality's sake, the hope is they'll soon have to join the ranks of more responsible brands in order to secure continuously robust bottom lines. 

Do we really need fur in 2017?