Why the New It Bag Has So Much More Appeal

...and just as if it had never gone away, the It bag has returned to the arms of fashion.

It seems we've all forgotten about the It bag or filed it away as a relic of the past. Take a moment to recall partly faded memories of rainbow-logoed Takashi Murakami collaboration Louis Vuitton bags, for instance. The mere mention of the phrase can conjure up images as diverse as logo-clad, aviator-wearing celebrities toting Nicolas Ghesquiere-era Balenciaga Motorcycle bags on the streets of L.A. or paparazzi-dodging stars shuffling through airports with denim D-logo Dior Saddle bags in tow.

Of course the industry hasn't forgotten about the It bag's glory. It's every designer, retailer and luxury conglomerate's dream to have the chance to feel the effects of a bonafide handbag frenzy. Every fashion house wants a winner like the iconic Fendi Baguette.

Well, the industry's dream has come into fruition... almost overnight, we've found ourselves in the midst of a new era for the It bag. And it's a lot more appealing! 


While some brands are foregoing scarcity altogether (Hermes is even opening more workshops to produce more Birkin bags), others see the newest revival of the It bag as a chance to really do things right. Of course they can sell scores of bags but then they'll be everywhere - again, including their knockoffs... and the desire will fizzle out as quickly as it came. Mansur Gavriel is doing an amazing job with scarcity. They produce limited quantities of each style, and many of the models sell out in an instant. They're also proving that It bags don't need to be astronomically priced to woo shoppers. The requirements? Look good and be difficult to come by.


Do It bags still come with a healthy dose of scandal? You bet they do. The new MASTERS LVXKOONS Collection by Louis Vuitton is a stunning example. Debuted at an ultra-exclusive dinner at the Louvre (in front of the Mona Lisa, no less), the bags are the creative brainchild of Louis Vuitton, Jeff Koons and some of the finest master artists in the history of mankind. 

Are you confused yet?

The bags are absolutely adored for their daring takes on art classics but also scorned by many as sacrilegious, commercialized rip-offs of Da Vinci, Fragonard, Rubens, Titian and Van Gogh. The bold and colorful bags and accessories feature famous prints from these artists with metal LV monogram details, Koons and LV logos and each artist's name in bold block fonts. Accompanied by hanging bunny chains, reinforcing Koons' involvement, these bags are both the hottest and most hated item in fashion.

If you wonder how I feel about them, I think they're brilliant and utterly gorgeous.


Of course design is another reason the newest wave of It bags feels so sophisticated. The bags look better than ever from the regal Gucci Dionysus shoulder bags available in dozens of colors and materials to the slightly odd yet attractive Triangle Duffle from Balenciaga Fall 2017 (causing a stir before it even left the runway), today's It bags are truly irresistible.