Dear Baselworld 2017, Traditional Luxury Timepieces Are Here to Stay.

Spring is almost here along with warmer days, greener foliage and Switzerland's BASELWORLD.

As the weeks draw nearer for the internationally-renowned jewelry and timepiece show, talks of new innovations for smartwatches are creating a frenzy.

This time, Movado Group, Inc. is the talk of the town. The watch group is set to introduce a line of smart watches with Google: Movado Connect. The watches are compatible with both Android and iOS and they offer fitness tracking, customizable dials, access to 1000's of apps and more. The Google collaborations continue with two Movado Group brands, Tommy Hilfiger and Hugo Boss, set to introduce their own smartwatches for Fall 2017.

Chopard - Traditional Luxury Timepieces

Do you remember all of the buzz and hype when the Apple Watch came onto the market? How many of your colleagues and friends wear an Apple Watch today? When is the last time you've heard anything about this device?

Technology is wonderful. As a professional who largely creates online, I'm a huge supporter of the internet and the slew of conveniences it has on offer. However, technology works best when it only supports or enhances the real world. It's the co-pilot, not the star of the show.

After all, there's nothing more enchanting than the real, the physical, that which may be experienced with all of the senses...

As fun and flashy these devices may be, digital devices don't stand a chance at replacing traditional objects of fine craftsmanship. These are objects perfected and refined over the course of 100's of years of design.

Buy a smartwatch for the opportunity to try something new and you'll likely find you miss the type of timepiece that can adorn your wrist offline. 

One of the greatest luxuries is spending more time offline and a smartwatch is a step in the wrong direction.

On the other hand, traditional, Swiss movement timepieces are excellent lifestyle purchases that continue to make worthy investments. 

I say, if you have a luxury watch collection - have no fear. The smartwatch trend is merely a trendy distraction.

At least that's how I see it. In the end, only time will tell...