The Gucci Effect: When Casual Clothes and Opulence Collide

Unless you've been completely hiding away from the world, you've witnessed at least some of the waves produced by the newly revamped Gucci. Spearheaded by designer Alessandro Michele, Gucci is breaking all of the rules and garnering plenty of attention. In fact, many of the trends of the last few seasons have been directly or indirectly influenced by the brand from colorful embroidery to maxi skirts filled with color and shine.

The style works because it's one part rebellion against casual clothes and one part a solid embrace for it. These design choices shout "I want to dress well but I don't want to suffer for it".

It's an exciting time in fashion, indeed. We're ready to elevate our style but we insist on doing it in a way that's easy, effortless, fun and filled with comfort. 

I think we've found the much sought out for balance. Let's allow this be the wave of the fashion future. More colors and creativity with less rules coupled with enough comfort to keep this wave going on an uninterrupted flow.

It's a "trend" that never has to go out of fashion.