See You in 2018!

It's my last day of work until Monday, January 1st...

I leave for my trip to the Peruvian Amazon (for an offline retreat with no electricity to boot) this Sunday, to return for a quiet New Year's weekend with family in Florida!

Amazonian Rainforest

The past month or so of traveling has been especially concentrated in the last two weeks, catching up with work that would've needed to get done while I'll be gone, current assignments and some work for early January to make the transition back that much smoother.

This, in between visiting family and attending events like the ILHA's INSPIRE SUMMIT which took place during Art Basel- whew! But I wouldn't trade a thing.

It's wonderful to see where this journey as a business owner and freelancer will take me next. 

Thanks to my wonderful clients and colleagues, and see you in 2018. 

For any business inquiries for projects in January or beyond, email me at and I'll be happy to speak with you today or upon my return.