Luxury Fashion in NYC: The Holiday Edition

This is the first time it ever crossed my mind to share a roundup like this on A Stylish Way, but I’ve also been traveling for weeks and I’m currently in New York. Between eating my ways through seemingly all of the exciting vegan offerings, I’m bouncing around for a little shopping and a lot of sightseeing between the usual flow of writing assignments and projects.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that my own blog has been neglected in the process. Thankfully this idea came to mind or I wouldn’t share a thing until momentarily “settling” in South Florida next week!

Okay, that’s enough about me. Without further ado, here is what I saw or heard about and think you should see. 

 Bloomingdale's 59th Street

Bloomingdale's 59th Street

The Iconic Breakfast Stop: Tiffany & Co. 

Yes, Tiffany & Co. has undergone quite the makeover, including a magical new stop called The Blue Box Cafe. I ducked into Tiffany & Co. for a brief but glorious visit, ushered in by exquisitely groomed and almost impossibly good-looking greeters. Fine jewelry sparkled and shone in the multi-level shop with warm and authentic salespeople and while enchanted as ever, my main goal was to see The Blue Box Cafe. Yes, part of their incredible makeover includes an elegant place to have breakfast, Holly Golightly style (never mind that she consumed her croissant on the go). I was able to take a peek, however, you’ll need to reserve well in advance if you’d like to take a seat. I was informed that a line of would-be breakfast eaters greeted their doors and the dawn all at once, with a line stretching around the block.

Instagram hype aside, the entire experience definitely strengthened my love for the brand.

Gucci & Gucci Kids 

I stumbled upon Gucci’s multi-level 5th Avenue shop while hurrying to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. While walking rather briskly, I suddenly found myself veering sharply into the Italian fashion oasis. Wisely reserving the bottom floor for accessories, it has a candy box feel and high energy.

At this point, I was really whizzing by but had to back up to drink in the store windows at Gucci Kids just a few storefronts away. If you don’t have children, you’ll catch yourself skimming a quick list of little ones to treat. Think color, whimsy and wit.

Bloomingdale’s 59th Street

A wall of designer sunglasses… acrobatic opulence in the form of riveting mannequin displays… kind, confident and savvy sales professionals… don’t miss out on the Lexington Avenue Bloomingdale’s store experience.

Oh yeah, and they carry René Caovilla shoes. No arm twisting needed here. 

Tip: Visit the Cartier beauty shop and ask for the business manager, Angelo.

The Webster  

You know when “disastrous” predictions emerge about another new recession or some other financial issues emerge in the news? I’m the type of the person who takes it with a grain of salt. For example, you only need to take a look at the mass mall brand and department store closures contrasted with the emerging designer renaissance to see that everything isn’t so cut and dry and that there’s always a chance for major success. No matter the odds. And so, in a “tough” retail environment, along comes yet another edition of The Webster - this one located in a historic, specially renovated building in SoHo and complete with six floors spread over 12,000 sq. ft., no less.

I hope to make it there today or tomorrow myself as a fan of The Webster since attending the opening of the very first location on South Beach’s Collins Avenue. As a bonus, visit on November 29th or later for the chance to shop Laure Hériard Dubreuil’s brand new apparel line. She’s the founder of the iconic shop as well as a brilliant industry pro. Take a look at the preview images of the Miami-inspired debut collection.