The goop Effect

Or Why Gwyneth's Lifestyle Brand Continues to Rise Above It All

It can be lonely at the top. And never was this more apparent than with the constant barrage of personal insults and attacks on the iconic Gwyneth Paltrow and her lifestyle brand, goop. However, she seems to take it all in stride, gliding elegantly ahead and enjoying life as intended. Good for her. 

There’s something about going beyond expectations, stereotypes and deeply ingrained cultural mores that spurs on a form of aggressive backlash aimed towards whoever dares to stand for what could be considered out of the ordinary. But as harsh as goop naysayers may be, an equal level of passion is seen in its community of devoted supporters - myself included.

You don’t have to agree with every idea on the website to enjoy the content just the same. And if you truly keep an open mind, you may discover that there is still much to learn in this world. No matter who you are. 

Aside from controversial content, the luxury offerings have also been a regular target of those vehemently opposed to the site. Cue the giggles! Was there ever a luxury brand berated for the price of its goods? We think not. And if you look at goop, the company is actually a purveyor of fast fashion, contemporary, advanced contemporary and designer luxury fashion, among other offerings. Shoppers can order $60 H&M sweaters or $11,000 Rolex watches. Ironically, goop may be the most budget inclusive luxury site around. 

Of course, critics are one thing and good old-fashioned results are another. From a capsule collection for Christian Louboutin to the launch of a quarterly print magazine in conjunction with CondĂ© Nast, it seems the revolution has only just begun. 

These are the key factors contributing to goop’s success…

Exceptional Taste

From the caliber of writing to delicious, healthy recipes and a visually-stunning display, good taste is a hallmark of the brand.

A Sense of Community 

It can’t feel anything but personal when a thought leader enters your life through your closet, kitchen, travel plans, relationships… Throw in insightful reporting on the most personal aspects of your life and niche messaging for the perfect recipe for authentic and personal communication. Brands around the world, take note.


goop’s insistence on sticking to their mission and style is a quick way to gain respect. They’re setting a wonderful example on persistence and confidence in your beliefs. 

Everyday Relevance 

No matter how much we love to read and take in other engaging forms of content, we can only fill our plates with so much. goop takes precedence because its readers are presented with a variety of real-life uses and practical applications. They can be anything from questions to ask at future medical visits to table settings for entertaining guests and must-see lunch spots in London and Paris.

A Well-Considered Curation 

Finally, the unwavering ideals extend to product curation too. You’ll never see the odd item that doesn’t fit in with the rest. Items for less than $50 belong as much as big ticket items, chosen with the utmost attention and care. It all holds true to the goop brand and they’re exactly what readers are looking for (whether they knew it beforehand or not). This painstaking curation is consistent - in e-commerce, goop Lab and pop-up shops too. 

A Well-Curated Selection of Items at goop

Deciding not to bend to the whims of criticism has helped goop both preserve and strengthen the brand. There’s an important takeaway here that resonates with any content marketing or merchandising strategy today. Have fearless, unwavering commitment to your brand’s values and always stand for something - whatever that may be.